Nutrition Hot Topic Series

Hi there!  Sorry for the blogging hiatus again.  Life sure gets in the way of any plans for consistent blogging.  But, I’m back again and ready to talk about some popular nutrition topics.  I am going to start writing about one topic each week (at least that’s my goal :).  I plan to choose topics that are “hot” in the nutrition world right now.  If you have any topics that you are interested in learning more about, send me an email or comment on one of the blog posts.  I hope this series helps make nutrition recommendations less confusing!

Health and nutrition topics have become very confusing!  If you google “coffee healthy”, you get 183,000,000 websites to read.  The internet and varying opinions make it impossible to decide what is actually good for us.  It is even confusing for health professionals.  As a dietitian, I read through several research articles to formulate an answer to any nutrition questions I have.

We all want to do what is best for our health!  But, finding out exactly what that is can be nearly impossible.  This series of topics will help to give you some answers to basic nutrition questions that have become very confusing!  Stay tuned for the first topic later this week.  Make sure to comment with any topic suggestions!







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