Benefits of Breakfast

Hello there!  I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! 

Let’s talk a little bit about breakfast.  Most of us start our days off in a rush to get to work or other commitments on time.  The crazy rush of mornings can make it difficult to routinely eat a healthy breakfast.  Unfortunately, skipping breakfast is not a good habit for your health. 

While we sleep, our bodies continue to use energy for basic needs such as breathing.  When we wake up, our bodies have been fasted for several hours and it is important to break the fast and give our bodies fuel.  Typically, we need to eat something every few hours during waking hours to keep our bodies fueled.  When we sleep, we fast for 8+ hours (in an ideal world where everyone is getting enough sleep).  This is long time for the body to go without fuel! 

Research shows that eating breakfast can have several positive effects on our overall health.  One benefit is weight management.  Our metabolism slows down while we sleep, so jump starting the metabolism first thing in the morning can help people achieve weight loss or weight maintenance.  In my experience as a RD, when patients start eating breakfast, they have increased weight loss. 

Another huge benefit of eating breakfast is improved concentration throughout the day. Research shows that eating breakfast can boost our brain power for the day. It can improve concentrIon and memory.  One likely explanation for this is blood sugar control.  After fasting for 8+ hours, our blood sugar is lower in the morning.  Symptoms of low blood sugar can include inability to concentrate, low energy levels and grogginess. Eating a balanced breakfast can improve these symptoms. 

Now that we know breakfast is important…what are some good examples of balanced breakfast meals?!? 

Share your favorite breakfast meal in the comments!  And, in my next post I’ll share some of my favorite balanced breakfast meals 🙂 


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