Cold Weather Work Out Tips

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week!

For many of us, November is the start of a long, cold winter season. It can be really difficult to stay active in the winter for many reasons. The weather is no longer conducive to outdoor activities and makes it difficult to have the motivation to get out from under your warm blanket! Also, there is a risk of falling and getting injured that comes with the snow and ice of winter. However, all of these things aside, it is very important to stay active in the winter months! The more active you stay in the winter months, the better shape you will be in for the warm months to get outside and explore 🙂

Morning Run in Montana
Morning Run in Montana

Here are a few tips to help you keep moving this winter:

1. Make a plan! Think about what activities you will do to stay active and make a specific plan. Maybe you will get a gym membership, buy new workout videos, find an indoor walking route or plan outdoor winter activities like cross country skiing or snow shoeing. When we don’t have a plan, it can be very easy to let the cold weeks/months pass by with little or no activity.

2. Find a friend/group and create a workout challenge. Find someone or a group of people that are interested in staying active with you during the winter months. Challenge each other to meet goals such as 150 minutes of activity per week. Having someone to keep you accountable is so helpful!

3. Dress warm for outdoor activities. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes on hand so that you are ready to go when outdoor activities arise. Dress in layers!

Layers!  I probably even needed more :)
Layers! I probably even needed more 🙂

4. Focus on safety. If you decide to take your workouts outside in the winter, make sure safety is on your mind. You will need shoes with good traction and ankle support to prevent falls. Find a route that is plowed frequently. Also, make sure if you’re body is telling you that you are too cold, listen! Although it is great to go outside in the winter months, some places have dangerous low temperatures that make it unsafe to exercise outside. Do what’s best for your body!

Living in Montana, I am definitely starting to plan how I will stay active this winter. I will be getting a gym membership so that I can attend group fitness classes. I also plan to go cross country skiing with my mom (on days when it’s not bitter cold)! My husband and I still try to go on walks throughout the week in the winter months. The walks do get a little shorter when the temperatures drop too much 🙂


How do you stay active in the winter months??


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