Adding Healthy to Your Holiday Season

Hello there! Happy holidays! If you celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m sure you are feeling some holiday cheer (and maybe a little holiday stress as well). This time of year can be so busy! It is really important to enjoy every minute of the holiday season. But, it is equally as important to focus on yourself and your health. There are hundreds of “tips and tricks” to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season. This post is going to provide some practical ideas that I use to stay on track during the holidays. Image1. Fit in exercise whenever/wherever you can! I have read several articles that encourage people to continue their regular exercise schedule during the holiday season. Although I think this is a great, lofty goal, it might not be the most practical. If your Ugly Sweater Christmas Party falls on the same day/time as your usual weekly spinning class…I highly recommend attending the party! These fun holiday activities only happen once every year, so enjoy the time with friends and family. My recommendation and my personal goal during busy holiday weeks is to squeeze in exercise whenever possible. Maybe you can arrange a morning hike/walk/jog with some of the people attending your holiday party later in the day. That way you will enjoy your party even more knowing that you were able to fit a workout in that day too! If you can do 10 minutes of uninterrupted exercise, it counts towards the weekly goal of 150 minutes recommended by the CDC for healthy adults.

Image2. Bring a healthy, delicious dish to pot luck style parties. This one is pretty straight-forward. Not only will you have something to eat that you know is healthy and delicious, but you will also encourage others to enjoy healthy, wholesome foods.

3. Start a healthy competition with a friend or family member. Challenge each other to stay on track during this busy time of year. One idea would be to purchase FitBits or pedometers and make a daily step goal and compare each week. It is always helpful to have someone else with similar goals to increase accountability and success!


4. Enjoy every moment with friends and family!!! Don’t let healthy eating and fitting in physical activity add additional stress. Everything in moderation 🙂

Do you have any other good strategies to stay on track with healthy living when life gets crazy?!


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