Weekly Meal Planning–Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  We were all over the place this weekend.  It feels so good to have today to catch up on everything before going back to work tomorrow!  One of the things on my “to-do” list is meal planning!  


Here is the plan for this week: 

Monday: Salsa Chicken Casserole (Pinterest inspired recipe)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Stuffed Bell Peppers (Another Pinterest inspired recipe)

Thursday: Homemade pizza on the BBQ with spinach salad–I have never done this before, but it looks delicious!!

Friday: Leftover pizza! (I’m hopeful we will have extra)

This week is a pretty simple week of recipes.  Although leftovers can be a little boring, it is so nice to come home and know that dinner is ready to go!  With just two of us in the house, it’s hard not to waste food if we don’t eat leftovers.  

What does your meal plan look like this week?  Do you like leftovers??  Anyone have any ideas for cooking for two??  



2 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Planning–Labor Day

  1. Hi! I did some meal planning today too! I made some quinoa, roasted vegetables and chili. I also cut up a bunch of vegetables and fruit to use in different ways this week.
    Share how the pizza on the BBQ works! I have always wanted to try!

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