Weekly Meals

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having a great week so far! I will be writing the next post about my journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian this week. But, today I am going to share my meal plan for the week. It’s been awhile since I have shared my meals for the week. I’m happy that my life is a little less chaotic now so I have some more time to plan and cook delicious meals 
Here is the plan for the week (Monday already happened and was DELICIOUS!!)

MONDAY: Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas (http://www.preventionrd.com/buffalo-chicken-enchiladas/)
I found this recipe on Pinterest. The original source is listed above. You definitely need to try these ASAP! They are delicious and not very time consuming!

TUESDAY: Skinny Taco Stuffed Peppers (www.skinnymom.com)
This recipe looks nutritious, delicious and easy! PERFECT!

halved pepper on pan

WEDNESDAY: Leftovers
The easiest meal to plan is always leftovers! If there isn’t anything left from Tuesday, we will have salads with the leftover ground turkey from Tuesday.


THURSDAY: Shrimp Cocktail and Caesar Salads
Easy and light meal! Sometimes by Thursday night I am ready to eat a very light meal. Shrimp cocktail is also a great way to include some fish into the week.

FRIDAY: Date night—eat out!
We are trying to be really good about not eating out during the week. Fridays generally include a dinner out with a couple cocktails or eating at a friend’s house.

I have no food plans for the weekend yet. I will do a quick recap of these meals this weekend!
Are you trying any new recipes this week? If so, please share!!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Meals

  1. Hi Katie,

    I really enjoy your blog! Lots of good ideas! One of our favorite healthy weekday meal is Chicken Picadillo. A recipe found in Tosca Reno’s ” Eat Clean Cookbook!.” I love to fix it on cold nights but mostly because it is quick and easy. 15 min. Prep time, 30 min. Cook time. 1. Heat 4T olive oil in a large skillet; 2. Add 1 coarsely chopped yellow onion and 1 large green bell pepper also coarsely chopped, seeded and deveined, and cook about 5 min; 3. Add 1.5 T chili powder, 2 cups chopped tomatoes or (low sodium canned diced tomatoes), 5 cloves of Garlic pressed, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1tsp oregano, and 1tsp sea salt. Cook until blended; 4. Add 2 chicken breasts cooked and diced, and 1/4 cup raisins (optional);. Heat through for another 10 minutes and season with salt and pepper. I serve this with those sante fe rice packets that you microwave for 90 seconds and a heated can of black beans! (in order to save time, I bake chicken breasts on days that I have more time, then dice them and store for quicknrecipes like this!) hope you try it sometime!

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