Hi there! Work has been a little crazy the past couple weeks which has led to a slight blogging break 😦 SORRY!! I am working on the rest of the blog series about my journey to become a registered dietitian. But for now let’s talk about weekend workouts!


Do you guys use weekends as rest days for your workouts? I tend to take a rest day in the middle of the week (usually because something comes up that changes my workout plans!!). So weekends are a time for me to add as much physical activity in as I can! My weekend workouts tend to be outside with friends or family rather than in a workout class at the gym. I love changing things up!


This weekend started with a 4 mile walk with my boyfriend. We parked at the start of the trail and walked the 2 mile trail and turned around. It was perfect weather for a walk—at least perfect for Montana weather! I think it was around 40 degrees and sunny. It was a great walk/workout. Now it’s Saturday and time for another workout. I decided to skip my usual 9:00 Oula class and go for a walk with my friend and her puppy instead. We are heading out shortly to face the cold weather and get some exercise! Sunday will include lots of walking around potential houses to purchase! After house hunting I will probably go to the gym to do some weight lifting. To me, this is the perfect weekend, a combination of relaxation and productivity!


I hope you all are having a great weekend! I WILL have another post up soon! 🙂

What’s your favorite weekend workout??


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