Weekly Recipes (with a lack of creativity)

This weeks’ recipe planning was centered around being easy!  I had a pretty busy weekend so wasn’t able to get to the store until last night.  And, since I work every day this week, the crockpot will be making an appearance! 
crock pot<

So here are my dinner plans for this week:


Last night we had tacos, just about as easy as it gets!  I used elk meat, low sodium taco seasoning, lettuce, avocados, salsa, Greek yogurt and whole wheat tortillas.  The tacos were delish!  You really can’t go wrong with Mexican food. 


Leftover tacos!  Surprise, surprise!  I go to Oula tonight and don’t get home until almost 8:00 so it’s just easiest to have leftovers or something really easy.  I’m sure they will taste just as delicious as last night. 



Crockpot Swiss steak.  This one was a request from my boyfriend.  But, it looks really easy and tasty.  I’m not positive which recipe I am going to use yet…so as soon as I decide I will share the recipe with you guys. 


Hopefully we will have some steak left to make sandwiches.  But, if not, I plan to make a simple stirfry. 


For the weekend, dinners will likely be a combination of eating out and/or really simple dinners at home. 

(google images)
(google images)

My menu plans for this week are not overly exciting!  I will work on that for the next couple weeks 🙂 

Does anyone have some easy, tasty recipes to share??  Do you plan meals for the weekend too, or expect that something else will come up??


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