10,000 Steps

Hi, everyone! Did anyone watch the Notre Dame game last night? YIKES!! I was born and raised around intense Notre Dame fans. I’m pretty sure my Grandpa taught me how to sing the fight song before I could say my ABC’s. As I’ve gotten older, I have become a fan too! They had a really good season, but Alabama definitely kicked their butts last night!


>>Side Note>> So…I am not doing great with the blogging more often goal! But, I am going to keep trying to increase my posts!! I promise!

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a FitBit (www.fitbit.com). It’s a cute little pedometer that keeps track of daily steps, estimated calories burned and estimated mileage. The FitBit can be linked to your computer or smart phone to easily keep track of your progress. He also bought one for himself. So we can link to each other’s FitBit online to compare who walked the most steps for the day. It’s always good to have some healthy competition! I love it!


The point of me telling you about my Christmas gift is to discuss how difficult it can be to get 10,000 steps a day! The Surgeon General recommends that healthy individuals walk ~10,000 steps/day. To be honest, this number doesn’t sound like very many steps to me. And, I often times say it to my patients as if it’s no big deal! Well…after having my FitBit and tracking my steps daily, I realized that it is HARD to get 10,000 steps. I have only gotten over 10,000 steps ONCE!! The day that I met my step “goal”, I worked and ran all over the hospital all day, went for a wallk (~40 minutes) and went to the gym, not to mention just everyday walking around. Needless to say, 10,000 steps is more than I thought! It’s been great to have a way to keep track of my daily steps. I am really motivated by seeing the number on the FitBit each day.


Does anyone else wear a pedometer?? Any other health professionals that thought 10,000 steps sounded like no big deal??


2 thoughts on “10,000 Steps

  1. I used to live and die by my pedometer and I’d get something like 14 000 steps a day (+3 miles of running). I got obessive and stopped but I definitely think it’s a great way to keep track of how much movement you get throughout the day! Now that I’m a stay at home mom, I feel like I never sit down! I need to wear a pedometer and see how much I’m moving all day! I’d be interested!

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