A New Twist on an Old Favorite

There are some foods that instantly comfort me and remind me of being a little kid…grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, pancakes, pizza and spaghetti…just to name a few.  Now that I’m older and a little more health conscious, it’s fun to make a few changes to these comfort foods and still enjoy them just as much.

Comfort Food

This weekend I tried a new twist on the good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich.  When I was little a grilled cheese simply meant two pieces of bread with cheese in the middle. (My mom actually cooked them in the microwave, and that’s how I thought it was supposed to be done until 8th grade cooking class 🙂  Now, I think about how nutritious the food is and how I can add some healthier foods into the mix!  In order to maximize the nutrients and taste of my grilled cheese sandwich I started with two pieces of whole wheat bread sprayed with low-fat butter spray (less calories and fat than regular butter/margarine).  Next, I used 2% pepper-jack cheese…added a little “kick” to the sandwich.  That would be the end of the ingredient list for an average grilled cheese sandwich.  But, I added some avocado (healthy fats!) and tomato slices to the sandwich.  I cooked the sandwich on my George Foreman grill….I would cook everything on my George Foreman if I could…love it!

Love this little machine!

This sandwich was AMAZING!!  The taste was so great.  On the side, we had Safeway brand organic tomato basil soup.  The soup was delicious too!  It’s so fun to add new twists to old favorites.  I can’t wait to make this sandwich again!

Add some color!

Any other ideas for tweaking favorite foods???  Sometimes it’s hard to think out of the box because these comfort foods are already so good!


2 thoughts on “A New Twist on an Old Favorite

  1. I love my grilled cheese with tomato! I also make a ‘melt version the other day with zucchini and leeks, was pretty awesome. Someone suggested rye bread and sauteed onion (kind of like a vegetarian ruben?), though that sounded pretty primo too! I’m a tweaker, everything I make get a Teri Tweak!:)

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