Small Change: Last One!

Hi All!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m excited to share one last small change idea with you!  If you want to know about the other ideas, look at the last two posts! 🙂

This small change is going to focus on portion sizes!  Food portions have gotten a little out of control these days.  It is especially hard to avoid huge portion sizes when you eat out.  An easy way to avoid overeating when eating out is to ask for a to-go box right when your food arrives.  This may seem a little odd….but putting half of your food in the box right away will make it easier to not over indulge.  Personally, I find it very easy to eat too much at restaraunts just because the food is in front of me.  The other benefit to this idea is LEFTOVERS!  It’s always great to have a quick, easy meal in the fridege ready to eat.

Has anyone ever tried this trick before??  Any other portion control ideas??



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